Referrals without the frills.

Hi friends, this is my no-fuss repository of referral codes that would never otherwise get any limelight. Hopefully you'll discover something new here and sweeten the deal for signing up for a new service. From one digital citizen to another, happy surfing.

Featured this month

ServiceLink/CodeCategoryThe Pitch
NeoGet Neo referralFinancial$5 in your account, a highly competitive deposit rate, and modern banking features for free in a CDIC ensured account with my Neo referral code.
Brim MastercardGet Brim referralFinancial1000 points (worth $10 in cashback rewards) when you activate with my Brim referral link. I use this card because there is no annual fee, no foreign currency conversion fee, free Boingo wifi, and good insurance.
WealthsimpleGet Wealthsimple referralFinancial$10,000 managed free with my Wealthsimple referral code.
Wealthsimple TradeGet Wealthsimple Trade referralFinancial$10 to trade if you invest $100 with my Wealthsimple Trade referral code.
QuestradeUse code: 345816652427736FinancialOne month free on Questwealth with my Questwealth referral code "QPass Key".
TangerineUse code: 41773533S1Financial$25 in your account when you sign up with my Tangerine referral code "Orange Key". Sometimes there are promotions where this bonus is double.
EQ BankGet EQ Bank referralFinancial$20 in your account when you sign up with my EQ Bank referral code after depositing $100 within 30 days.
Freedom MobileGet Freedom Mobile referralTelecom$25 account credit with my referral link.
VimlaGet Vimla referralTelecom10SEK off your bill every month with my referral link. Du får 10SEK rabatt varje månad med min Vimla rabattkod.
Brompton Online StoreGet Brompton referralShopping20% off on the Brompton online store with my Brompton referral link. Excludes bikes.
HoverGet Hover referralWeb stuffSave $2 off your first (domain) purchase with my Hover referral code.
SiteGroundGet SiteGround referralWeb stuffSiteGround is a leader in Wordpress hosting and I recommend them to anyone who's building a Wordpress site. This is my affiliate link.
AmpliGet Ampli referral or use code: ALEX74091Financial$5 bonus for cash back app that rewards you on your everyday spending.
DropUse code: d5sujFinancial5000 points ($5 value) when you sign up with my Drop referral code.
MogoGet Mogo referralFinancialFree credit score and identity monitoring with my Mogo referral code, plus $5 for crypto.
StackGet Stack referralFinancialFree app-base debit card with no foreign currency fees. You get $5 with my Stack referral code.
SkiplaggedGet Skiplagged referralTravelYou get $10 free when you sign up with this Skiplagged Referral link.
Bord GaisGet Bord Gais referralUtilitiesYou get a €50 One4All gift card through this referral code.